Agricultural, Farm and Bare Land Appraisals

Evaluating Agricultural and Rural Properties

Farming is a unique business that requires special consideration during an appraisal. In addition to considering the land, other aspects such as crops and soil classifications, along with existing structures must be considered during the valuation process. In order to get an accurate value for your farm, you need someone who not only understands valuations, but someone who also understands the agriculture industry. The team at Able Evaluations has many years experience in providing Farm Appraisals throughout rural Alberta. Knowledge of both the industry and the local area are essential to provide you with an accurate assessment of your farm or bare land value. Our Agricultural portfolio includes: 

• Farms
• Acreages
• Ranches
• Agricultural / Bare Land

• Expropriation Claims

• Estate Claims

• Insurance Claims

• Matrimonial Property Disputes

• Residential, commercial and industrial lots
• Development land (agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial)

Appraisals performed by Able Evaluations are comprehensive, current, and accurate - compiled by Appraisers whose only interest is providing a reasonable and competently established opinion of value.