When it comes to understanding your property’s true value, AIC-designated appraisers—AACI™—at Able Evaluations are the experts you can rely on. Our AIC Members offer appraisals that empower property owners to make informed decisions in the world of real estate.

Precision in Replacement Cost Appraisals

In the face of natural disasters like floods, fires, and tornadoes, Canadians have witnessed the unexpected this summer. Through replacement cost appraisals, provided by Able Evaluations, you can ascertain the ‘rebuild’ cost of your property. Steer clear of surprises. Enlisting the expertise of an educated, qualified, and insured AIC Professional Appraiser (P.App.) from Able Evaluations ensures an impartial and trustworthy valuation, even amidst uncertain times.

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Navigating Refinancing and Re-amortizing

Life’s twists and investment prospects might prompt Canadians to explore alternative funding avenues, like refinancing their property for added cash flow or after a mortgage deferral to lower payments. An appraisal becomes your compass, helping you gauge your property’s equity and how to leverage its value for your home or investment goals. Trust Able Evaluations to guide you through this process.

Secure Your Property Transaction with Able Evaluations

When purchasing a home, your approved mortgage amount hinges on the appraised value, not the purchase price. This is the figure that lenders utilize to determine your maximum mortgage loan. To ensure that the purchase price aligns with the appraised value and to avoid any discrepancies, it’s advisable to collaborate with your lender and hire a designated appraiser from Able Evaluations for an independent property assessment before finalizing the purchase agreement.

Optimize Your Listing Price with Confidence

To pinpoint the ideal listing price for your property, a designated appraiser’s insights are invaluable. Drawing on thorough market research, they provide an independent assessment of your property’s value, enabling you to set a competitive and accurate listing price. Able Evaluations is here to help you present your property to the market effectively.

Estate Planning Simplified with Able Evaluations

For those looking to leave a real estate legacy to their children or charitable organizations, an independent property valuation is indispensable. This ensures equitable distribution among family members or facilitates the execution of your charitable intentions. Let Able Evaluations assist you in planning your property’s future.

Guiding You Through Litigation with Able Evaluations

Should legal matters intersect with property, a designated appraiser from Able Evaluations can offer expert insights into property valuation within legal contexts. Whether it’s matrimonial property division, shareholder disputes, or any situation where property value influences legal settlements, AIC-designated appraisers from Able Evaluations are recognized authorities in both judicial and quasi-judicial settings.

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For further insights into the advantages of engaging a certified appraiser, visit: https://www.aicanada.ca/need-an-appraiser/for-property-owners/?fbclid=IwAR0LmKJRPzeKO3gF98spBfp2Ur6JfNbGHeaaSx7G9xG0XHI32fgwJy6fewI  


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